• The post breach crisis happens in the first six months to a year after a breach or impactful security incident. The signs are subtle and risk becomes more severe than before the breach in some cases.

  • Our security maturity assessments identify if you are under invested or over invested in critical areas of security. Having the correct level of maturity helps you balance security goals with the goals of the business.

  • Placing someone in charge of security is critical for ensuring the effectiveness of your security program. Security is part of your enterprise risk program and should operate like a critical business unit with a qualified leader in charge of it.

  • We assess your organization's ability to respond to a major incident. Based on that assessment we prepare a roadmap and action plan for building an incident response program capable of defending against ransomware attacks, insider threats, breaches, and supply chain attacks.

  • Having an incident response plan alone is not enough. When bad things happen even the best plans can fail. We test incident response plans with precise scenarios to determine overlooked areas, missed policies and procedures, hidden risks and threats to your organization.

  • We find the truth in the complex digital world with e-Discovery, mobile device forensics, computer forensics, and cloud environment forensics.

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  • Every ransomware attack and breach is not the fault of a single person in the organization. These events are always due to a break down of policy and procedure within the organization.

  • The best and most effective security programs start with having a strategic plan. If you are only considering the security problems of today, you are taking a tactical approach that is not sustainable.

  • The most important part of recovering from a breach is what your organization does when the chaos is over. Your actions after a breach are what builds and regains the trust of your clients.