• Investigation of hacked devices, accounts, networks, and cloud services. Performed by certified forensic analysts

  • Helping you secure your digital brand, websites, online accounts, and online business functions

  • Helping our clients defend their online privacy and anonymity against tracking and data aggregation

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    You should choose AntiCrysys when you need help with:

    • Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
    • Post hacking recovery actions
    • Increased online privacy
    • Cyber Security
    • Securing networks and devices
    • Understanding your cyber threats

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    • Cyber Stalking and Online Harassment
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    • Online Privacy
    • Securing Your Network
    • Data Breaches

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  • AntiCrysys performed a threat modeling review and identified where I was exposed and could easily be hacked

  • AntiCrysys was able to prove that an employee copied our customer list on to an external drive when they left to start their own company. This enabled us to take legal action and prevent the use of our customer list.

  • AntiCrysys was able to determine how my new phone number was being leaked and who was sending me harassing text messages