• When you are thinking of moving to the cloud, or you are unsure if your cloud architecture is optimized for security.

  • Helping organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities in cloud based environments.

  • We find the truth in the complex digital world with e-Discovery, mobile device forensics, computer forensics, and cloud environment forensics.

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    You should choose AntiCrysys when you need help with:

    • Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
    • Post breach recovery actions
    • Vulnerability management
    • Protecting critical data
    • Understanding security
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Building Security Programs

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    • Virtual CISO
    • Cloud Security
    • e-Discovery
    • Connecting developers and security teams
    • Vulnerability Remediation
    • Operationalizing Security Programs
    • Security Frameworks
    • Security Maturity Roadmaps

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  • AntiCrysys performed a security review and found an open S3 Bucket that would have been a major security incident for our legal firm.

  • AntiCrysys was able to prove that an employee copied our customer list on to an external drive when they left to start their own company. This enabled us to take legal action and prevent the use of our customer list.

  • AntiCrysys helped us secure our AWS assets a previous employee setup. What they found was the employee still had access to our systems, and had logged in for personal activities. We feel better knowing that this is no longer possible.