• Digital Risk Assessments

  • A Digital Risk Assessment takes a comprehensive analysis of all your digital devices, services, and how you interact with them. We frequently identify gaps in our clients security posture that can lead to hacked devices, account take overs, exposure of confidential and private data.

  • Digital Device Security

    Our assessment and report covers all your digital devices, how you use them, and identifies risks you might not be aware of. This includes common devices like mobile, laptops, workstations, and home networks. We also look at devices that also pose risks such as gaming consoles, IoT, and newer car audio systems.

  • Online Accounts

    Online accounts are another area we assess for risks. We perform and in depth analysis of online services such as social media, financial services, medical services, utilities, and many other online services.

  • User Awareness

    The biggest threat to your online and digital security is what you don't know, or what we call "user awareness". Our clients typically aren't security specialists or tech oriented when it comes to digital and online threats, scams, and risks. Our Digital Risk Assessment also includes assessing your security awareness.

  • Phone and Cellular Services

    Protecting your phone number from being exposed is the most difficult area of digital security. We assess the current state of your phone services and include this in our assessment as well.