• Digital Threat Modeling

  • Do you know what cyber threats you should be concerned about? The cyber threats you face are going to be unique to you and your situation. To prevent your data from being exposed by attackers you need an understanding of your personal threat model. We prevent attackers from accessing personal photos, text messages, intellectual property, contracts, financial data, and travel plans.

  • You are a target. Your information, data, and online activities can be used against you to gain access to your online accounts, services, and devices. Understanding your threat model better positions you to defend against these attacks.

  • Our Digital Threat Modeling service is an assessment of digital an online threats you should be concerned about. This a contextual analysis unique to you based on criteria such as career, financial status, political status, geographical location, areas of travel, and many more data points. 

    With that information, perform an analysis of potential threats, impact, risk rating, and countermeasures. This is popular service among our clients in politics, executives, and celebrities.