• The AntiCrysys Team

  • Catherine Sullivan

    Leadership Strategist

    Catherine has worked on the technical side, as well as the management side of Information Technology in software specialization and process improvement. 

    Catherine's experiences with small companies and global corporations has given her insight how to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Cathy relies on those experiences to guide companies in the right direction with their information security programs and initiatives. Catherine has lead teams in multi-national organizations consisting of internal and external contracted teams. 

    Catherine's passion for leadership is centered around process improvement and stakeholder satisfaction with large scale complex initiatives involving diverse teams.

  • Joe Sullivan

    Leadership Strategist

    Joe Sullivan has over 20 years experience in information security. Joe has worked with many organizations performing investigations, incident response, forensics, penetration testing, threat modeling and building security programs. The clients Joe has worked with include Fortune 100, 500, politicians, celebrities, and business executives. Joe is also an instructor for the SANS Institute, the leading provider of information security training, and a senior security consultant for TrustedSec, the leading full-service Information Security consulting organization in the world.

    Joe's passion for leadership is helping organizations leverage existing talent to better operationalize security, helping others transition into security leadership roles, and help organizations develop sustainable leadership programs. Joe's motivation for the vision of reframing leadership is based on his personal experiences where he was promoted into leadership positions without the guidance, support, and training that he needed in those leadership roles.

    Joe holds a number of technical and leadership certifications from GIAC Certifications, the leading certification body specializing in information security. Joe like to give back to the security community when possible and has presented at numerous conferences and events.

  • Stacy Dunn

    DEI Specialist and Leadership Strategist

    Stacy is a huge nerd, graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and like any artist, she pursued a job in Information Security and became a Solutions Engineer. Her "right-brain" approach gives her an interesting edge when troubleshooting or solving complex leadership problems. (Which is a nice way of saying she is well-versed in improvisation.)

    When she is not helping organizations become more secure and working in the wonderful world of cybersec, she works as the Owner/Operator and Event Coordinator for Oklahoma Artcade, a local charitable video game art show. In her free time, she is an aspiring Powerlifter in training and former amateur NANBF and OCB Natural Bodybuilding competitor.

    Additionally, Stacy feels passionately about diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. She is always seeking ways to make the world a better place for everyone, especially those who are marginalized. Stacy was Trauma Crisis Certified in 2018 and is a community advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Currently, Stacy holds the GIAC GSTRT Certification in Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership.

    Stacy presents at numerous conferences and events as well as regularly providing talks, presentations, and training for national and multi-national organizations.