• Penetration Testing

  • Do you know how vulnerable your network and systems are?
    We test technical and administrative controls using Red Team, Blue Team, and Purple Team engagements. These engagements range from attempted exploitation, detection, incident response, and table top exercises.

    These engagements often reveal technical controls that need to optimized and policies or procedures that need to be updated. This is an excellent way to test your disaster recovery, incident response, and business continuity programs. Proactive testing can ensure that prepared for an actual incident or crisis.

  • Red Team Enagements

    Red Team Engagements consistent of our trained penetration testers attempting to compromise and gain access to your network. This helps measure capabilities of your detection mechanisms and incident response controls.

  • Purple Team Engagements

    Purple Team Engagements consist of our red team and blue team working with your IT security staff to help identify what types of attacks they are missing and how to better defend against them. This approach creates a more cohesive information security team.

  • Assumed Breach Penetration Test

    Assumed Breach penetration tests start from inside the network. We then attempt to gain access to systems, databases, and information and attacker would be interested in. This approach is best for testing internal access controls, logging, monitoring, and alerting. Testing in this context is a good measure for determining if you can prevent and detect a breach once an attacker has a foothold on the network.

  • Predictable Costs 24/7

    All pricing is agreed upon before the engagement so there are no surprises. We are up front with our pricing and services. There are certain services that require a retainer, such as incident response and investigations. Incident response and investigations are billed hourly due to the nature of the processes involved.

  • Increased Security

    We track your security over time with each engagement with Crossroads Information Security. We do this so you can see your organization's progress and help keep you on the right track. This is particularly effective for risk compliance, policy compliance, attestation statements, and cyber insurance requirements.