• Security Maturity Assessments

  • With recent guidance and initiatives from the government about cyber security, organizations have been taking action to determine where they are at from a security perspective and what steps they need to take to better protect their digital assets.

    We help answer that question with security maturity assessments based on the five functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework:

    • Identify
    • Protect
    • Detect
    • Respond
    • Recover

    These activities are at the core for what security should be doing for your organization. The challenge is determining exactly where your organization stands for each one of these functions.

    When evaluated internally organizations tend to overstate where they are at the end result is not an objective perspective. That results in under investment or over investment in these critical areas for security.

    By having a third party evaluate the maturity of your security program you are getting a more accurate representation of where your security program is and what actions need to be taken.

  • Specific Maturity Assessments

    In addition to performing security maturity assessments for information security programs we also measure the maturity of specific areas of information security that our clients are most concerned with.

  • Incident Response Maturity Assessments

    Incident response security assessments, also known as incident response capability assessments, measure the maturity of your organization's incident response program. This is an important part of the breach prevention process and methodology.

  • Vendor Management Security Assessment

    Supply chain risk is at an all time high. We've seen massive supply chain compromises where organizations were infiltrated by third party hardware, services, and software. We evaluate the processes and procedures for organization's vendor management program and advise how to reduce risk for the organization.