• Why Us

  • When You're at the Crossroads

    Most companies have come to the crossroads with their information security initiatives. The threat landscape has changed and the risk is greater than it ever has been. Malware, ransomware, and breaches are happening more frequently, and it's steadily getting worse. Navigating the products and solutions to protect your companies network and data can be overwhelming. Crossroads Information Security is here to help you take your company in the right direction. 

  • Our customers choose us because we take the time to understand their needs, deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry. Our approach to information security has helped transform us from a penetration testing upstart to a leading  provider of information security services. This didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without total commitment to our mission—helping our customers achieve their information security goals.

  • Unparalleled Services

    When you need to secure your network, devices, and data Crossroads Information Security understands what it takes to address all your needs. We deal with compliance standards such as GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, and cyber insurance requirements. Our cyber insurance audits are quickly becoming one of our most sought after services. 

  • A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

    Crossroads Information Security has a diverse staff with experience in many different areas of information security. Our talented staff's experience ranges from firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, switches, routers, EDI, compliance, risk control, programming, security research, behavior analytics, cyber insurance, security audits, attestation statements, and many other information technology related areas.

  • Cost

    We carefully considered our pricing for the small to medium business market. We strive to provide top level information security services at a prices that fits our client base's budget. We don't believe security should be sacrificed due to cost. Many of us came from companies that couldn't afford to invest in information security because it was cost prohibitive. We work with our clients to provide affordable solutions that are effective and aren't overpriced.