• Why Us

  • Experience

    The consultants here at AntiCrysys have experience in incident response, digital forensics, penetration testing, code review, vulnerability management, tool development, governance, risk, compliance, and building high performing teams in security.

  • We've Been There

    We have worked in enterprise environments as defenders, we know what it's like. We've fought the "fires" that come up in enterprise environments. We understand what it's like to defend organizations that have lean budgets, minimal headcount, and need to operate efficiently as possible.

  • Innovative

    With our innovative approaches we can help you better operationalize security. This can mean innovative processes, methodologies, tools, and frameworks that are sustainable to secure your organization over the long term.

  • Focused on Results

    We understand that all the experience, certifications, and training aren't the most important aspect of the work we do. Today's business leaders are more concerned about the the results delivered for their investment. We focus on results that are beneficial to the organizations we consult with. We take time to understand the business objectives and how we can help security align with those objectives.

  • Easy to Work With

    The consultants at AntiCrysys are easy to work with. We go out of our way to make each engagement easy as possible. This includes communication, explanations, presentations, reporting, and many times helping our clients better understand today's complex world of security.

  • Certifications

    Our consultants hold some of the most prestigious certifications in the industry from GIAC, Offensive Security, (ISC)2, as well as vendor specific certifications. Some of our consultants teach information security classes for SANS, and are involved in many other conferences and events.